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The health and safety of employees is a top priority as workplaces prepare to reopen.  Monitoring, managing, and mitigating subsequent outbreaks can help boost employee confidence in returning back.


Enterprise Passport combines the best of contact tracing technology with its unique check-in and location tracing features to monitor employee health and manage outbreaks.


Our solution serves as a complete digital dashboard for your workforce wellbeing without compromising user privacy.


Introducing Enterprise Passport

Your digital passport to help return-to-work in a measured and responsible manner




Check In

Monitor employee health by self-reporting of symptoms


Identify and get ahead of potential issues as they arise


Communicate policies, procedures and provide guidance to employees


Contact Tracing

Mitigate propagation by tracing back potential exposure to employees


Target quarantine efforts to exposed employees


Inform employees of time, duration, and location of potential exposure


Detect and alert employees of close proximity gatherings incompatible with social distancing policies


Location Tracing

Manage workplace safety by tracing back exact workplace movement history of employee that tested positive for COVID19


Target decontamination efforts to exposed locations


Heighten monitoring and inform employees working in exposed locations




⟶ Privacy centric design - nothing gets reported without user consent


⟶ Check-In with your employees to stay informed

⟶ Contact Tracing to identify and inform exposed employees

⟶ Location Tracing to map movement history of reported infection within workplace (down to floor, area!)

⟶ Admin dashboard provides you a portal to manage your employees well-being

⟶ Customize features based on your requirements and white label to deploy as your enterprise app


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