Frequently asked questions

What data do you collect?

We require a verified login to connect the users with their workplace. All data collected is kept local on user's phone and only shared with your consent. That said, we collect: - responses to check-in surveys - anonymized IDs of nearby phones and GPS coordinates of each interaction for contact tracing - beacon locations your phone is in proximity with for workplace location tracing

What about data privacy?

We store all data local on user’s phones and only upload by consent. Any data shared is only available to authorized admins at the workplace. Local data is automatically purged after 14 days or once the app is deleted.

How is this different from Google/Apple’s initiative?

Google/Apple provide a private protocol only for health authorities to implement their contact tracing apps and have restricted it for any additional use case. It does not extend to contact tracing applications in the workplace where user management needs to be incorporated into the solution.

Why do I need this if the government is providing a contact tracing app?

Government and workplace use case for contact tracing are inherently different. The government is focused on the well being of the broad population while maintaining utmost privacy. Workplaces need to manage the safety of their workforce which involves managing their work environment beyond just contact tracing. Our platform provides a comprehensive solution that incorporates elements of contact tracing, localized location tracing, and employee check-in. We also allow users to self-report potential exposure data collected by other means (government app, word of mouth etc).

Can this be customized to our use case?

Absolutely! We can customize to add / remove / modify features to suit your deployment.